• Springtime in the Full Circle Garden

    With warmer weather now upon us, it is the time to begin our Spring planting and harvest for the The Full Circle Garden, which is now growing produce at two locations; the Destin Pantry and the Walton County Academy Campus.  This Spring we are planting a variety of vegetables to be harvested for use in both our Full Circle Kitchen cooking classes as well as for our seasonal program support.  Through these gardens, we are working to provide more fresh food to kids in our programs and give them the opportunity to see how fresh food grows, is harvested and then ready to eat.

    Food For Thought Fun Fact: Every month 26K items of fresh food are produced from our Gardens! 

    Destin Pantry Garden

    Walton County Academy Garden

    Walton County Academy Garden

    Since our gardens have been established, we have volunteers, kids from our Full Circle Kitchen program, and other groups come to help keep our gardens growing. If you have a green thumb, or just enjoy being outside and would like to volunteer in either of our gardens this spring or summer, let us know! volunteer@fftfl.org


    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Planting In The Garden With The Sonder Project

    We love partnering with the Sonder Project for a garden upgrade in Destin and planting for the winter. We have two gardens (one in Destin and the other on the Walton Academy Campus) and students in our kitchen program and volunteers help us to maintain these gardens. The vegetables we grow are used in the kitchen classes and support our seasonal programs. We're working to continue making our programs sustainable, and our gardens are helping to make this happen!

    Posted by Stephanie Groves
  • The Sonder Project in the FFT Garden

    This year we have partnered with The Sonder Project to work on our Full Circle garden located at our Destin pantry. The Sonder Project's goal is to support local organizations combatting hunger, and raise awareness around issues related to food security, clean water and education. They are providing us with the materials to maintain a successful garden in which we will use what is grown in our Full Circle kitchen. We are delighted to have The Sonder Project work in the garden and look forward to growing fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. 



    Posted by Stephanie Groves