• Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen 2nd Anniversary!

    Emeril Lagasse Foundation Full Circle Kitchen

    We can hardly believe that it has been two years already since the Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen opened! This month, marks two years of giving kids the opportunity to learn to the invaluable life skill of learning their way around the kitchen, and of course how to prepare and cook food! 

    Food For Thought Fun Fact: The Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen is used THREE times a week and serves as a kitchen classroom for kids as far as Pensacola!

    Emeril Lagasse Foundation Full Circle Kitchen

    We have enjoyed watching the kids learn and have fun while cooking in the Full Circle Kitchen, as well as watching our volunteers and local chefs have a great time teaching and dining with the kids.

    Emeril Lagasse Foundation Full Circle Kitchen

    If you enjoy cooking or are looking for an interactive way to give back to kids in need in our community, contact us today to learn more about how you can help in our Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen!

    Contact us at: support@fftfl.org

    We also are very appreciative for the support of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation to our Full Circle Kitchen!

    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Join us May 5th for the FFT Crawfish Boil!

    Come join us for our first Crawfish Boil on May 5th from 12-3pm!
    #Crawyforthekids is a family fun day event featuring the culinary talents of Michael McIntosh and David Cunningham. Scott Rockwood & Friends will be performing and 100% of the proceeds benefits FFT's summer program! 
    Purchase your tickets HERE
    Adults - $20
    Kids 13 & under - $10 
    Posted by Stephanie Groves
  • Corporate Spotlight: Apex Disaster Specialist

    We would like to thank our Corporate Sponsor, Apex Disaster Relief Specialists for sponsoring our Thanksgiving Service this past fall.  Through their support we were able to feed 600 families for Thanksgiving this past holiday season, where an average of 10 meals per week are missed by kids.

    In addition to bridging the food gap over the holidays, there is also a need to bridge this food gap and keep kids nourished over the summer break. During summer break, the average student in our program can miss 110 meals.  The Food For Thought summer service program will provide food for 600 families, providing them each with a month worth of food, three times (food for three months in total).  By becoming a Summer program sponsor, you will empower children to be well-fed to enjoy their summer break!

    Found out more information HERE on our Corporate Sponsorship for the summer program, or contact us today: support@fftfl.org.


    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Springtime in the Full Circle Garden

    With warmer weather now upon us, it is the time to begin our Spring planting and harvest for the The Full Circle Garden, which is now growing produce at two locations; the Destin Pantry and the Walton County Academy Campus.  This Spring we are planting a variety of vegetables to be harvested for use in both our Full Circle Kitchen cooking classes as well as for our seasonal program support.  Through these gardens, we are working to provide more fresh food to kids in our programs and give them the opportunity to see how fresh food grows, is harvested and then ready to eat.

    Food For Thought Fun Fact: Every month 26K items of fresh food are produced from our Gardens! 

    Destin Pantry Garden

    Walton County Academy Garden

    Walton County Academy Garden

    Since our gardens have been established, we have volunteers, kids from our Full Circle Kitchen program, and other groups come to help keep our gardens growing. If you have a green thumb, or just enjoy being outside and would like to volunteer in either of our gardens this spring or summer, let us know! volunteer@fftfl.org


    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Join the Brown Bag Lunch Club!

    Many of us spend between $10-15 on eating lunch out, each and every day. What would happen if just one day per month we decided instead to bring our lunch from home and donate that $10 towards feeding hungry children in our community? Friends, this is your invitation to the Brown Bag Lunch Club, a Food for Thought initiative that invites us to be more thoughtful in our lunchtime choices and to make the selfless decision to make a monthly donation of $10 to support the Food for Thought program.
    Join the club TODAY
    Posted by Stephanie Groves