• Food Fore Thought Charity Classic

    On Thursday, May 9th, more than 100 golfers gathered at the Emerald Bay Golf Club for the inaugural Food Fore Thought Classic. The event, created in partnership with the Premier Property Group, provided an opportunity to honor the life and legacy of Jon Kazek. The tournament was opened by Board Member Garret McNeil, who introduced Sheriff Adkinson and Anne Kazek. Sheriff Adkinson and Anne shared remarks about Jon Kazek's generosity and love for the community. To honor Jon’s legacy and support the work of Food For Thought Outreach, the tournament exceeded its goals, raising over $100,000!
    Thank you to the Emerald Bay Golf Club for hosting the event and all the sponsors, players, and volunteers who came together to impact our community. 


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  • Summer Volunteers

    High School & College Age Summer Volunteers Needed 

    Summer Volunteer Information Sessions.
    Stop by to learn more about our High School and College-age summer volunteer opportunities.
    Managers will be onsite to address your questions, help you fill out volunteer paperwork, and get on the schedule.
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  • Fresh for the Summer - Matching Donation

    Your Gift Doubled! 🍊
    Thanks to our generous partners at Resort Resale - Fine Furniture Consignment, your gift will make DOUBLE the impact this summer.
    Resort Resale will match up to $5,000 in donations for our summer program.
    Text FRESH24 to 44321
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  • 10th Annual Eggs on the Beach

    Join us November 2, 2024 for the 10th Annual Eggs on the Beach Event. 

    Sponsorship Opportunities are now open. 

    For additional information contact

    Susan Kiley at susan@baybreezepatio.com 


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  • 2024 Florida Hunger Survey


    No Kid Hungary, Florida released their 2024 survey results this week. 
    The rising cost of groceries is placing a strain on over 70% of families in our state

    The report reads in part,

    "In the land of endless sunshine and swaying palm trees, there exists a pressing issue often overlooked: the struggle to afford healthy food. While often associated with lower-income households, a recent study from No Kid Hungry Florida reveals a different narrative. As the cost of living soars, even middle-income families face adversity in securing nutritious meals.

    According to our recent study, a staggering 72% of Floridians report finding it more difficult to afford groceries compared to just a year ago. This burden isn’t limited to lower-income households; 60% of middle-income families, earning between $50,000 to $99,000, are also feeling the pinch. Amidst a growing affordability crisis, putting nutritious meals on the table has become a daunting task for many.

    The impact of this financial strain is palpable, with more than a third of respondents having faced food insecurity in the past year. This is a staggering percentage of Floridians who are skipping meals entirely or not eating enough nutritious food because they can’t afford to buy enough groceries for their families.

    In an effort to make ends meet,  many families are resorting to shopping at multiple locations to find the best deals (58%), traveling to less convenient grocery stores (46%), and buying less or passing up entirely on more nutritious options like proteins (45%) and fresh produce (40%). Many find themselves stretched thin, grappling with difficult decisions about allocating limited resources, a struggle that extends beyond the grocery store checkout line, impacting families’ ability to prioritize other essential expenses like saving for retirement or their children’s education. It’s a precarious balancing act that leaves little room for financial security or peace of mind."

    Read the complete report here: 


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