• Full Circle Garden Refresh

    Garden Refresh: Last week, the Destin Full Circle Garden was refreshed by the removal of weeds, old plants and the planting of new vegetables for the fall. Food from the garden will be included with the curbside pickup boxes of food.

    Thank you to the volunteers and staff that helped in the garden! If you have a green thumb and/or just love plants, and would like to volunteer in our Destin Full Circle Garden, please email: volunteer@fftfl.org

    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Full Circle Garden Update!

    The Destin Pantry Garden is ready for Spring! Thank you to the volunteers that helped to clean up the garden beds and also plant new seeds and vegetables for the spring! We are excited to have the Full-Circle Garden to teach and to also use the produce within our cooking classes in the Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen!

    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Fact Friday! 300 Produce Items

    Fact Friday: Did you know? Over the last school year 300 students were able to take home fresh produce from our Full Circle Gardens? We are striving to be able to allow kids to cook with fresh produce in the Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen, as well as provide more fresh produce from our gardens.

    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Thank you, Shoreline Church!

    Thank you, Shoreline Church for your day of service at the Destin Pantry! We are so grateful for your time to come clean up the outside, build us a new shed for the garden, and also for your 638 Food Donations, which will help kick off the new school year.  We appreciated you giving back to your community! Look below to see all the hard work their team put in on a hot Saturday afternoon cleaning up outside of the Destin Pantry and even building a beautiful new shed!


    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Full Circle Garden Update

    Spring (and almost summer!) has most definitely sprung within our Full Circle Gardens.  Carrots, kale, herbs, tomatoes and an assortment of other vegetables are currently being harvested from our Destin and Walton Academy Gardens.  With all of these vegetables, we have been able to use these veggies in our Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Cooking Classes.  It is great to be able to teach the students how to use what is available to you in your recipes, and to show them exactly where their food is coming from.  

    Just take a look at the Destin Garden (as of mid-May):

    Here is vegetable output from both the Destin and Walton Academy Garden:

    Stay tuned to see some of the finished meals using these ingredients!

    Posted by Katie Grace