• Corporate Spotlight: Apex Disaster Specialist

    We would like to thank our Corporate Sponsor, Apex Disaster Relief Specialists for sponsoring our Thanksgiving Service this past fall.  Through their support we were able to feed 600 families for Thanksgiving this past holiday season, where an average of 10 meals per week are missed by kids.

    In addition to bridging the food gap over the holidays, there is also a need to bridge this food gap and keep kids nourished over the summer break. During summer break, the average student in our program can miss 110 meals.  The Food For Thought summer service program will provide food for 600 families, providing them each with a month worth of food, three times (food for three months in total).  By becoming a Summer program sponsor, you will empower children to be well-fed to enjoy their summer break!

    Found out more information HERE on our Corporate Sponsorship for the summer program, or contact us today: support@fftfl.org.


    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Join the Brown Bag Lunch Club!

    Many of us spend between $10-15 on eating lunch out, each and every day. What would happen if just one day per month we decided instead to bring our lunch from home and donate that $10 towards feeding hungry children in our community? Friends, this is your invitation to the Brown Bag Lunch Club, a Food for Thought initiative that invites us to be more thoughtful in our lunchtime choices and to make the selfless decision to make a monthly donation of $10 to support the Food for Thought program.
    Join the club TODAY
    Posted by Stephanie Groves
  • Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union Donates a Van to FFT!

    Wow!! What an incredible gift from our new friends at Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union! This in-kind donation is a much-needed addition to our delivery fleet and we are so grateful for this generosity! Thank you!!

    Posted by Stephanie Groves
  • Resolve to Help

    The 2017-2018 year was incredible, and this year we are making strides to reach MORE children, serve MORE families, help even MORE. Find out more about our organization and the impact we made on the community last year in our Annual Report, and then Resolve to Help this year by getting involved, as a donor, a volunteer, a sponsor, or a community partner. We need YOU!

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    Posted by Stephanie Groves
  • Food For Thought in 2019!

    Our community has more children than ever before who are food insecure, meaning they don't have enough food at home. When school lets out for the weekends, some kids are counting the hours until school starts on Monday morning, since they know that breakfast and lunch will be provided free or reduced. Think about that for a moment. From Friday at lunch all the way to Monday at breakfast, some kids in YOUR community have nothing to eat. And how do you think a hungry child is going to perform in school? What chance does he really have for success, how can he really concentrate on his work if all he can think about is how hungry he is. That little hungry voice inside of him turns into a rumble, and schoolwork takes a backseat.

    It is CRITICAL for children to have enough to eat, and at Food For Thought Outreach our mission is to eradicate food insecurity so that every. single. child. has the same chance at success in school, in the community, in life. 

    You can be a part of this. In fact, we NEED YOU to be a part of this. It's more affordable than you think to help our cause, and 2019 is going to be our most ambitious year yet. Just look at the numbers and listen to that little voice inside your heart that says "You can help." No money or food to donate? We are always needing volunteers. There are ways to help our cause, and we truly hope you will consider finding one this year. We need you, and the children need you.

    Posted by Stephanie Groves