• Learn how to make pizza grilled cheese!

    Chef Todd from Stinky's Fish Camp came into the Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen to teach how to make pizza grilled cheese! This video will then be used to instruct students that come into the Full Circle Kitchen at a later date for a cooking class.  We are grateful to be able to host cooking classes in our kitchen again to teach students how to prepare their own food!

    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Fall Cooking Classes in Full Swing!

    Cooking classes in the Emeril Lagasse Foundation Full Circle Kitchen have been up and running! Having this kitchen space means so much and we love hosting classes to teach students how to cook and prepare meals on their own. Thank you to our volunteers who took the time to help cook Cajun Shrimp Pasta with our students last week! Looks like it turned out delicious!

    Posted by Katie Grace
  • Full Circle Kitchen in Full Swing for Summer!

    Our Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen continues to be busy with classes for kids, even with school out of session.  Each week we have had various organizations with students and kids join us for a cooking class.

    We had such a good time hosting the Youth Village Cooking class earlier this month while they learned how to make pizza's from scratch.  It is so great to see the kids take part and want to learn more about cooking on their own!

    We also have enjoyed hosting students from AMI Pensacola, while they made an easy "one-pot" ranch chicken meal, and love that they make the effort to drive the distance to join our cooking class.

    The Boys and Girl's Club has also been using our kitchen as part of their summer program.  Recently that created "Cheerio Clusters" and made eggs for a breakfast meal.

    We are so thankful for this kitchen that allows us to host kids of all ages to teach them how to cook an array of meals all on their own!

    Posted by Katie Grace