We are in search of your 6 best tributes to represent your district (team) in the fight to end hunger. Festivities will take place at the Food for Thought Pantry on Sunday, October 6th.

In an effort to fight the food fight, we ask you to bring your competitive selves & best ‘district spirit’ as we indulge in team games, feast on a boozy brunch & listen to live music.

Teams will participate in fun yet FFT focused games such as Budget Busters, Stock the Shelves, Competitive Packing, Relay Race and Trivia! Along with the games, we will offer a Boozy Sunday Brunch for your team and supporters!
We will take care of the details; all we ask is for you to show up & help us decide which district will be named VICTOR! Let the games BEGIN…!

Please pick your district in the registration form (One person will register for the team as a whole). Once your team is signed up, be on the look out for the rules of the fight.

The cost per team is $450 and is all inclusive (includes 6 teammates)
Event Details
October 6, 2019 at FFT 132 Market St Santa Rosa Beach Fl
Registration beginning at 10 am Games start at 11 am