On average, teachers pay, out of their OWN pocket, $60 a month to provide food for kids in their classrooms.

After our founder, Tiffanie Nelson, experienced first hand a school nurse unable to comfort an elementary student due to hunger, Tiffanie saw another need that could be met by Food For Thought: provide snacks to school staff to hand out to kids to help bridge the hunger gap in the classroom.

Food For Thought Snack Program

Food For Thought Fun Fact: 245K Snacks are provided throughout the school year!

Snack Program

Since 2012, Food For Thought Outreach has been providing 47K snacks per month to schools in Okaloosa and Walton counties.  This has been a resource for teachers and school staff to help kids who may come to school hungry and are unable to concentrate, as well as lesson the burden on the teachers.  

Donations that are made to Food For Thought not only support the weekly Backpack Program, but also support teachers to bridge the hunger gap at school through the Snack Program.

To learn more, please contact us: support@fftfl.org

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