Since Food for Thought Outreach introduced the Corporate Sponsorship Program, the Buccaneer Pirate and Southern Start Dolphin Cruises have been a long-standing partner to our organization.  We would like to take the time to thank these local business that have stood by and supported Food For Thought Outreach both through volunteering and through their generous donations.  We are thankful to have local businesses that take the time to give back to their community.  



During summer break, the average student in our program can miss 110 meals.  The Food For Thought summer service program will provide food for 600 families, providing them each with a month worth of food, three times (food for three months in total).  By becoming a corporate summer program sponsor, you will empower children to be well-fed to enjoy their summer break!

We are truly appreciative of all of the corporate sponsors that give to Food For Thought Outreach.  If your business is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, you can find out more information at: