We would like to thank our Corporate Sponsor, Apex Disaster Relief Specialists for sponsoring our Thanksgiving Service this past fall.  Through their support we were able to feed 600 families for Thanksgiving this past holiday season, where an average of 10 meals per week are missed by kids.

In addition to bridging the food gap over the holidays, there is also a need to bridge this food gap and keep kids nourished over the summer break. During summer break, the average student in our program can miss 110 meals.  The Food For Thought summer service program will provide food for 600 families, providing them each with a month worth of food, three times (food for three months in total).  By becoming a Summer program sponsor, you will empower children to be well-fed to enjoy their summer break!

Found out more information HERE on our Corporate Sponsorship for the summer program, or contact us today: support@fftfl.org.