One way to help combat hunger in America is to also fight to reduce food waste.  Almost half of the food grown, harvested and transported goes to waste in the United States.  
According to Feeding America, seventy-two billion pounds of food goes to waste each year, while forty million people are hungry in America.  Feeding America works with companies and farmers to recover and distribute more than 3 billion pounds of food per year in order to give it to families that are in need.  Also, according to The National Resource Defense Council, "if we were able to rescue just 15% of the food we waste each year, we’d save enough to feed 25 million Americans."
Here at Food For Thought, we work with local businesses to receive food that would otherwise be thrown out to be donated and used within our programs.  The new Paula Deen's Family Kitchen restaurant in the Destin Commons will be donating unused ingredients, vacuum sealed, which we will be able to freeze and store for future use in classes in our Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen.
Reducing food waste is just one other way we can help to fight hunger in our community!
More information on reducing food waste can be found here: