On Saturday, March 23rd, the Women's Council of Realtors convened for their national "We Care Day". Our local chapter dedicated their time to supporting Food For Thought Outreach. Members gathered at the Santa Rosa Beach pantry location to learn about how we serve the community, and then set off on an "Amazing Race" style shopping adventure. With a budget of $25, members were tasked to purchase as much food as they could at the store to help stock our pantry. The experience deeply impacted the members and the day was a great success with over 1,300 food items donated to the organization. 

"The most impactful moment was at the checkout when I was trying to spend only $25 to get as much as possible. I over spent and had to put things back. I think it put me in the parent's shoes to want more for these kids but I couldn't afford it! I felt the pressure of holding up the checkout line & scrapping for coupons to maybe get more! I love Food for Thought and their mission!"

- Barbara Pfeiffer-Marcum