Many of us spend between $10-15 on eating lunch out, each and every day. What would happen if just one day per month we decided instead to bring our lunch from home and donate that $10 towards feeding hungry children in our community? Friends, this is your invitation to the Brown Bag Lunch Club, a Food for Thought initiative that invites us to be more thoughtful in our lunchtime choices and to make the selfless decision to make a monthly donation of $10 to support the Food for Thought program.

For only $10 a month, you can provide two backpacks per month, 24 backpacks per year – feeding a hungry child that would otherwise be without that much-needed nourishment. All you have to do is sign up to donate $10/month, which for most of us is the cost of eating one lunch at a fast food restaurant. Even more, Food for Thought asks you to challenge your friends to join the Brown Bag Lunch Club, giving up one lunch out per month to donate to the cause. Want to accept the invitation to the club? Sign up HERE. Want to invite your friends? Post a picture on Facebook showing your ‘brown bag lunch’ and tag a few friends to invite to join this worthy campaign.

Bring your lunch once a month to feed a child for a year. There’s never been a more thoughtful way to spend your lunch money.

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