Did you know Food For Thought provides a monthly bag full of healthy snacks to all the teachers in the schools we serve?

When a child is hungry during the school day, they are unable to concentrate, lack energy, show poor academic performance and cause discipline problems.  Food For Thought strives to remove the negative impacts of hunger that children in our community are facing by providing all teachers in our program with a bag full of healthy snacks for all of their students in addition to our weekly backpack program.  

Teachers in the schools we serve say they have seen increased focus and attendance and their students no longer complain of stomach aches or hunger.  Teachers have also expressed gratitude for the financial relief that our snack program provides them.  On average, teachers spend $37 a month on food for hungry children in their classroom (No Kid Hungry).  That is over $300 a school year.  

Food For Thought is now serving over 1600 students in 21 schools in Walton and Okaloosa Counties.  We are committed to providing critical access to healthy, easy to prepare food the children in our community need. For more information on how you can help us fight childhood hunger in our community please contact info@fftfl.org.