Tiffanie Nelson- Founder & CEO

Driven by the desire to empower the under-served children in our community, I founded Food For Thought Outreach in 2010. When my oldest child began public school, I had the opportunity to understand the issues far too many students are facing. Known as Food Insecurity, thousands of children in our community are facing the negative impacts of hunger. A child focused on where their next meal is going to come from, is not able to focus on their education and development. Our programs are designed to bridge that gap and meet their most critical needs from grades K-12 so our students can gain the most out of their education, stay in school and become productive members of the community. What started as a small project has grown to become part of the fabric of our schools and communities. My passion and drive to lead this organization has only grown stronger year after year. I have the privilege of witnessing first hand just how deep our impact runs through the lives of the children we serve and the volunteers who help us serve. My long-term focus is on the sustainability of the organization so we can ensure our programs are here for the children who need it for years to come. I strongly believe, that in service to the children in need we are changing the landscape of our schools, towns and the future members of your community.