Tiffanie Nelson- Founder of Food For Thought

 Meet the Founder of Food For Thought Outreach, Tiffanie Nelson. Food For Thought began in 2010 after Tiffanie learned that students in her own children's school were hungry and missing meals when they were away from school-provided meals. What began as a project that Tiffanie and her children did at home, helping 6 kids per week, grew into the organization that is Food For Thought Outreach, and Tiffanie began working full-time at FFT in 2014 as the Executive Director. Currently, she lives in Santa Rosa Beach with her 3 children and husband, Darren Nelson. Tiffanie is dedicated to the growth and sustainability of the programs at FFT to ensure our organization is here to support children in need for years to come. When she is not working, she is usually outside enjoying time with her family as much as possible.

Erin Perry- Operations Manager


Meet our Operations Manager, Erin Perry! Erin started at Food For Thought in May 2017 after working for 10 years as a Project and Localization Manager in the translation industry. In her previous career, she was responsible for coordinating and overseeing projects such as the translation of websites into over 30 languages for international companies. Erin's family has lived in the area for over 15 years, so she's lived here off and on, but has spent most of that time living in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Paris. Erin's time in Paris allowed her to practice her French and to satisfy her serious case of wanderlust, as she was able to travel to many countries throughout Europe and beyond! As the Operations Manager, Erin has been able to employ her project management skills, and she's also really enjoying the hands-on aspect of the position delivering backpacks to schools and working in the pantry. She even brought home a piece of the pantry with her, when a kitten, now named Ragu, wandered into the pantry during Christmas services.

Krystin Weatherby- Program Coordinator 

Meet Krystin Weatherby, one of our Program Coordinators! Krystin joined the FFT team in January 2018. She began vacationing in the area about 9 years ago and loved the area. She and her husband decided to leave Atlanta and move to the scenic beaches a year ago. She graduated from Kennesaw State University in Medical Sociology. Krystin enjoys working with the volunteers in the pantry and cooking with the students from AMI and Walton Academy. She loves being outside in the sunshine with her husband and puppy, Gizmo.

Nicole Lande- Special Programs Coordinator

    Meet our Specials Programs Coordinators, Nicole Lande! Nicole joined the  Food For Thought team in August 2017. She grew up in Colorado and traded snow in for the beach when she moved to Destin in middle school. She attended Niceville High School, and graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2017 with a degree in Event Management. Nicole’s favorite part of the week is cooking with the kids from AMI and Walton Academy in the Emeril Lagasse Full Circle Kitchen. She’s also an avid reader, so on Sundays you can usually find her at her book club with her mom. Nicole never fails to make you laugh or smile, so if you see a someone doing a goofy dance in the pantry, that’s likely her!

    Ginger Weathers- Program Coordinator

    Meet Ginger Weathers, one of our Program Coordinators at Food For Thought. Ginger started with us in May 2017 after meeting Tiffanie during an internship at Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation. Ginger was born and raised in Fort Walton Beach, and is an alumnus of Fort Walton Beach High School. She left home for 2.5 years to live in Stillwater, Oklahoma with her grandparents while finishing her degree. She graduated in 2016 with a Business Management degree from Oklahoma State University. On Tuesday nights, you can find Ginger at Props in FWB for Geeks Who Drink, which is a trivia contest. Ginger is a compassionate soul and has been an excellent addition to the team.