Tiffanie Nelson- Founder & CEO
Driven by the desire to empower the under-served children in our community, Tiffanie founded Food For Thought Outreach in 2010, began working full-time at FFT in 2014 as the Executive Director, and in 2018 moved to the CEO position in the organization.
Tiffanie started Food For Thought 2010 after learning that students in her own children's school were hungry and missing meals when they were away from school-provided meals. Known as Food Insecurity, thousands of children in our community are facing the negative impacts of hunger. A child focused on where their next meal is going to come from, is not able to focus on their education and development. FFT’s programs are designed to bridge that gap and meet the most critical needs from grades K-12 so students can gain the most out of their education, stay in school and become productive members of the community.
Her passion and drive to lead this organization has only grown stronger year after year, as her long-term focus is on the sustainability of the organization to ensure programs are here for the children who need it for years to come. 
Heather Coleman - Program Manager

Nicki Cosgrove -  Program Coordinator


Hallie Oalde - Program Operations Manager


Ashley Bloemen - Program Coordinator