Dave Brown
How long have you been volunteering with FFT?
I have been volunteering for FFT for a little over 6 months.
What drew you to FFT? 
I heard about FFT from a friend. However what really drew me to FFT was Tiffany’s story about the humble beginnings, the real needs, & the well orchestrated response that FFT has assembled that I heard in orientation.
Favorite part about being involved with FFT?
Really the best part of volunteering for FFT is being part of this great team & knowing you are may a difference.

Do you have a special memory or something that has impacted you during services that you would like to share?
Again there are lots of special moments in simply getting the job done. However, seeing children at school getting visibly excited when they see the backpack of food is heart warming.
Thank you for dedicating your time to Food For Thought, Dave!