Ann Grelling Foster
How long have you been volunteering with FFT?
Off and on in different capacities for 6 years. 
What drew me to FFT? 
I met Tiffanie very early on when she first founded FFT and her enthusiasm towards tackling the issue of childhood hunger was infectious. 
Favorite part about being involved with FFT?
My favorite part is knowing that as a volunteer I’m able to make a difference regardless of what I'm able to contribute~ whether it be my time, my resources or simply a jar of peanut butter, the children of this community will directly reap the benefits. 
Do you have a special memory or something that has impacted you during services that you would like to share?
I was involved in holiday services at AMIKids in FWB a couple of years ago. Experiencing the gratitude and the sense of relief that the bags of food brought to the kids & their families was indescribably fulfilling and heartwarming.
Thank you for your support, Ann! We are lucky to have you as a dedicated volunteer!